An annotation refers to a single annotation object of a given image.

Use an Annotation object if you need low level control on annotations.

class remo.Annotation

Represents a single annotation object. This can be:

  • list of classes only: to assign classes to an image for image classification tasks

  • bounding box and list of classes: to create a bounding box annotation object and assign it a list of classes

  • segment and list of classes: to create a polygon annotation object and assign it a list of classes

class remo.Annotation(img_filename: str = None, classes=None, object=None)
  • Parameters

    • img_filename – file name of the image the annotation refers to

    • classes – class or list of classes to add to the whole image or the object

    • object – the specific annotation object to add


to create a bounding box:

annotation = Annotation(‘image.png’, ‘Dog’)
annotation.bbox = [1, 23, 3, 2]

to create a polygon:

annotation = Annotation(‘image.png’, ‘Dog’)
annotation.segment = [1, 23, 3, 2, 1, 2, 1, 2]

property bbox

property bbox()

property classes

property classes()

property coordinates

property coordinates()

property segment

property segment()

property task

property task()

property type

property type()