Remo on Google Colab

Remo supports running on Google Colab and you can interact with it in a similar way as you would do from a Jupyter Notebook.

As usual when running things with Colab, you have two options:

  • store data in Google Drive (and backup Remo database there)
  • store data on disk (data will be lost when your Colab session ends)

Mount Google Drive

If you want to store your Remo data on your Google Drive, you should mount the Drive before initializing Remo.

To mount your Google Drive at the /gdrive location, run:

from google.colab import drive

Install Remo

To install Remo on Colab, you can run:

!pip install remo
!python -m remo_app init --colab

If you previously used Remo on Colab and backed up some data, this will be automatically restored.

By default, this command assumes Remo home directory is /gdrive/My Drive/RemoApp. If you want to initialise Remo from a different home directory, you can run:

!python -m remo_app init --colab --remo-home new_path

Run remo

After installation is completed, you can use Remo directly from Colab:

import remo


Data backup

If you use Remo on a Colab with a mounted Google Drive, Remo automatically backs up your database every minute.

If you want to give a prompt to save the latest changes, you can run:

!python -m remo_app backup

Backup files can be found at <remo_home_dir>/backup/.