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Organize images, annotate efficiently, inspect predictions.

A smarter way to manage your datasets. Before and after training.

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Visualise everything

Integrate remo in your scripts and easily explore your datasets

  • Visualise and browse your images, annotations and predictions
  • Zoom on one detail, or visualise aggregated statistics
  • Embed remo in Jupyter, access it from the browser or on its own app

Annotation made smarter

Carefully designed for faster annotation and full control

  • Annotate faster, using shortcuts, quick zoom and smart annotation tools
  • Introducing annotation sets: 1-click to rename, delete or duplicate classes and objects
  • Support for polygons, bounding boxes, image labels and tags
  • Import and Export annotations in a variety of formats and options

No more scattered or duplicated files

Access your datasets in a centralised place. No more scattered images and annotations.

  • Organise data in virtual datasets, folders and annotation sets
  • Search for images and reuse data across projects
  • Experiment on choice of labels for your models
Datasets Management

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What are we
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  • Video annotation
  • Teams
  • Cloud deployment and storage
  • Support for more Computer Vision tasks
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